Goddess series part 2

This is the 2nd piece in the Goddess series.  A self-drafted skirt.  From draft to photo, it took about 3 hours!  Not bad…. I put in the invisible zipper, something that I definitely need to practice… I can’t seem to get it, but I will not give up!


Today’s positive thoughts:  I’m just going to keep thinking positive!

*** About life

***About myself

***About others

I refuse to accept defeat.  I can learn anything that I want to learn.  Teaching myself is definitely possible and I’m up for the challenge.

DSCF8548 DSCF8545 DSCF8546

Nothing is better

DSCF8542than finding a nice pair of heels!!



In fact, I’ve picked up four new (to me) pairs!





Now all I need is a place to wear these fancy shoes!





This one has quickly become my favorite find.





Keep running,

Keep loving,

Keep living stress-free.

(It took 3 years to get back – but, I’m back)