New Lifting; Mental high

New Lifting; Mental high

thinking about starting a new lifting program.  The title of the workout is “the Greatest Workout”

Day one:  upper body max strength: Bench press; push press; weighted chin-ups; and weighted dips

Time to start seriously working on my shoulders…..instead of covering them up.. I’m going to pump them up!

This week so far, I’ve logged about 20 miles.  I feel good.

Upper/Lower Body Split Rotation
DAY 1 Upper Body Weights
DAY 2 Cardio
DAY 3 Lower Body Weights
DAY 4 Cardio
DAY 5 Total Body Weights or Circuit
DAY 6 Cardio
DAY 7 rest or yoga

Mentally, this has been a good week. Very peaceful and calm. I think there is a shift in the wind.  I’m looking for a new group to hike with and I’m not too worried about what others think of my choice.  I’m just doing my thing and it’s nice.

I don’t think that “everyone” is out to get me… I don’t look over my should all the time to see who may be trying to stab me in the back.  I rely on myself, on my instincts.  I go with my gut.  If something doesn’t feel right to me, if someone is throwing shade at me…. I go with my instincts and stay away from them.  I don’t even care why or what they may be up to.  Everyone has the right to live their lives…. and if some people want to waste their time trying to upset me….. that’s their business… I don’t have to deal with it.

I have always been this way… and I will remain this way.