Sunday Flow

This weekend has been a blast!  DH, DD, and I went on a Family Hike.  It was our first full hike as a family and of course I was a little nervous having DD hike so high.  But she showed mommy really good!  She was a trooper and kept going.  We hiked maybe two miles and for her first one, very good.

DH was a little annoyed with me for being so fussy, but that’s what Family Hikes are…. spending time with each other and working through our frustrations to complete the process and get to the view at the top.  And the view was wonderful!

IMG_4001 IMG_4003

This Sunday has been very peaceful…not counting the trip to Costco! But Hubby and I really do hate being in crowds…. So.. Costco on Sunday does not qualify as peaceful…











but we got in and out in no time flat! As always when we go there, we come home with more Sweet Bread!! My idea! And I’m going to enjoy eating it…
And running off the guilt afterwards.

IMG_4016 IMG_4015 IMG_4014 IMG_4013

These are my new babies this past week!

I’m almost as tall as Hubby when I step into them! Told DH that we are going to have to start going places that I can wear my pretty shoes….He wasn’t up on that idea, but DD and I are going to go without him if he doesn’t jump on board.– He will– I can tell that he likes the look.