Christmas Eve Workout



this workout looks like it would be a good circuit routine to keep the holiday pounds at bay.

I may try this minus the 30 minutes power vinyasa yoga a few times between now and Christmas Eve in order to work my way up to completing the entire workout.

The past week was really stress-free.  DD was under the weather most of the week and I had to take 2 days off from work to stay with her. This upcoming week starts the half-day holiday schedule and I always look forward to this time of the year.  Work slows down, and I can actually get more organized for the upcoming New Year.  I’m still amazed at how fast time seems to be speeding up.  It seems like it was just yesterday that I was typing at end of year. This year has been so eye opening for me (haven’t all of them been lately?)

I have a new boss– and I’m finally over some of the words of my last boss. I seem to have a new job— no more a technician,  more behind the screens .  Don’t know if it’s good or if it’s bad… I do know that it is different.  And I’m not afraid of different.

At the end of the year, I’m back to being and going it alone.  I find that I believe Bob Marley:  “Don’t think that you HAVE to HAVE friends”  I don’t think that I have to have friends.  I’ve never been the friendly type and I no longer force myself to be in situations that I feel uncomfortable in.  Although there still seems to be a campaign against me– to harass and belittle me, I don’t have to play a part in it.

I’ve traced back the connections of harassments.  I’ve known for a while of the different people involved and I’ve stood back and watched.– just to see what the outcome would be. In the last month and a half- I’ve turned the tables.  I’ve confronted the individuals who harass and I’ve confronted the areas that have been harassed. The areas that others may think I worry about or don’t like in my life, I have no problems with.  If I don’t have demons within, the demons without has no power over me.

I realize that it is a spirit.  Although the person plays out the harassments, it is really that evil spirit at work in their intent.  I just pray for them and drive on.

Keep running,

Keep loving,

Keep living stress-free