Holiday Sewing

Skyy's Holiday outfit
Skyy’s Holiday outfit


Today’s project.  Christmas outfits for mommy and daughter.  The first skirt took me about six hours to complete!  It should have only taken about 1 hour, but I followed the tutorial step-by-step and it just took that long.  Anna’s skirt took about 1.5 hours to complete.  I left the pockets out because I figured that she didn’t really need pockets.

It was really rewarding when I completed both projects.  I’m finding out that it really isn’t that hard to learn to sew.  I just have to keep practicing.  Anna really loved her skirt and I loved seeing her excited for me to make it for her.

I guess that this is another dream come true.  I’ve always wanted a daughter to sew skirts and dresses for.  While completing her outfits, a feeling came over me that this is what I’ve envisioned doing long time ago. and I’m doing it.  I feel “on path”.DSCF8652

In the Social area: Nothing has really changed. I’m more and more resolved to go it alone. And there really is nothing wrong with doing that. I just keep living my Skyy Life.