Hello Kitty🎀

DD’s turn!!💖

Not too happy with the outcome!!!
Not too happy with the outcome!!!
I can work with this
I can work with this
not bad Mom
not bad Mom
OK now!
OK now!

I so wanted to make a top for Anna that matched mine! But she loves Hello Kitty…. so Hello Kitty it is!!💞 I started on cutting out the pattern this morning, then chose a fabric that I had purchased for her a while back.  Since I made the bigger version yesterday, I was sure i could  run through this.  It took me longer to re-thread my serger than it did to put the pieces together. 

My main issue is that I have to learn how to fit for the correct size.  Since Anna is a bigger 5, I cut at a pre-teen pattern size. but now I have to cut it down her shoulder area.  All in all, it was fun getting it together.  I hope to be able to sew for her more.  It was always one of my dreams to have a daughter I could sew for.

God is so Good!  I have been so relaxed since the beginning of the new year!  I’ve focused on what makes me happy and that has made all of the difference.

Purple Passion

New Workout top!!!

Inspired by another blogger, I decided to give this workout top a try.  I really liked the two toned color of the sleeve and look how it came together.

Chilling in royal purple
Chilling in royal purple
Now time to hit the gym
Now time to hit the gym
Loving it!
Loving it!

I am so happy with my new skill! Not only is it relaxing; I can get a nice outfit out of it too.  This Patten is New Look 6230. I had to make an adjustment to the bust area because you know…. I need me some room! I then followed a smaller pattern size for the waist and the hip area.  So I should never have feared doing a Full Bust Adjustment.  With stretch knits, I just have to add more room on the top and cut the wait in to get my unique shape.  I like this pattern and I will adjust the armhole sightly, then use it for my knit dresses.

Not only did I master this pattern, I also pulled out my Singer QuantumLock cover lock serger!  I’ve had this machine for 6 years and never used it because it was “too hard” to thread. But I spent 3 hours trying to figure it out.  this machine is out of this world!  This makes the hem of my top look very professional. On the outside of the top, there is a double stitch, and on the inside it is overlocked…. Very nice!

Believe it! Live it! Be it!

Green expression

Another day, another sewing project.  This one was put together within 3 hours!  I went online to a Polish website that was offering free sewing patterns. There was not one english word on the entire website but I saw this top that I had to try.  I like the way that it fit the body perfectly. I had to take a guess at what pattern size I needed–It looks like I selected a few sizes too small. So, I will be putting this one together again and will make the adjustments needed. I’ll make the armhole slightly larger; I’ll make the neckline a little deeper; I may turn it into a dress; and I’ll put lining on the inside.

I also need to adjust the bust darts in the bodice. The more things that I crank out, the more comfortable I am with making the adjustments to fit my unique body type.  It’s all about fit. Once I get the perfect sloper, I will be able to produce more things that fits me.

IMG_3256 IMG_3260

I never made it to the treadmill today..no guilt

God-willing I will have another chance to hit it tomorrow.  Or I may get lost once again in another sewing project.

I just really excited about the sewing, because if I can get the bust area perfected, I will be so happy.

Keep believing that you can learn, be, do anything that you set your mind to.  God is indeed Good!!!

Pink Attack

This weekend… I decided to attempt to put together a pair of pants.  I decided to use a pattern for shorts and extend the length for the pants.  I got the idea from another member of the sewing group.  I selected McCall’s 6756 and extended it.  I cut it out larger than I needed so the fit could use some work.  I think that I am going to go back to drafting my own pant pattern to get a better fit.  My body style falls in-between  the commercial pattern sizes.  so I have to cut too large or too small then make adjustments. It may be easier to learn pattern making.


It was fun completing this piece and I feel that I’m getting better at it with each piece that I complete.  This one didn’t take me all day.


On the fitness front:  I will get up and run 4 miles in the morning (God willing).  I brought a new fitness program:  Katami 4X4.  After my run in the morning, I’ll do one of the DVDs.  My body type is soooo odd.  When I’m on track, I look and feel great… but if I don’t run for 3 days in a row, I start to feel sluggish and look bloated.  Or it may be the sugary drinks……  All is well in my world right now, and I truly believe that 2014 not only brought in new opportunities, but 2014 brought in peace.  I’ve been so peaceful lately and it’s all thanks to God.IMG_0542IMG_0539

👠 Weekend project 👙

This weekend, I only had a short time to put something together.  I started on my January “Be” project 🎽I thought that it was going to be an easy task….. not so

It took me a while to figure out how to complete the neck and shoulder facing. I had to use my seem ripper four times before I finally had to go to youtube to see an example of what it is supposed to look like. the second picture is a re-design I completed with an already purchased gown.  I wanted to have a ballon effect on the bottom with tucks.  It turned out pretty well…. photo-13









Review of Simplicity 2929

Size cut:  16 (Had to do an adjustment in the Bust); added 2 inches using the pivot/slide method.

Difficulty rating:  For me this was on the average side.  I should have matched the white circles on the skirt; it had pockets (I inserted one pocket facing forward and one facing backwards); and neck and shoulder facing…… totally new to me.

Would I wear what I made: The court is still out on this one….

The top with the adjustment fits me well…. I think that the the neckline is too high for me because my bust is so large.  If I made this one again, I would add another inch in the bust area, I would add an additional 2 inches in the waist area; make sure that the pockets faced the same way; and make it a little shorter.

All-in- all… it was nice to complete one of my January goals….

😜 Life is good and God is Great!!!  Keep shining!

2014’s outlook

This is the outlook for 2014:  So far, the first week of 2014 has brought in peace.  I’m able to do the things that I love to.  I’ve created a few outfits that I may not be able to wear right now, but both items are good practice for when I start to design for myself. Although this holiday season when by so quickly, it was the most relaxing one in a few years. The kids didn’t get on my nerves too much and I was able to speak my mind and not hold all of my thoughts in when they did things to irritate me.Image

On the social front…. I’m happy in my current “friendless” status. I’ve yet to meet someone here that I’m willing to share any of my secrets with here.  Not that I would share my inner secrets with anyone.  I’ve noticed that some women here think that you need to have “friends” and if you don’t, there is something wrong with you for not having friends.

I beg to differ.  If you don’t like the activities that the group is doing, you don’t have to be part of that group.  If you are not on the same path with others, you must stay on your own path.  But it is funny that others want to throw into your face something that they value that you really don’t value, and how that by throwing it into your face, you will feel bad about yourself.  The only affect that throwing it around is humor. If you don’t place the same weight on someone else’s value, it doesn’t hurt when you don’t have that in your own life.  It’s funny that they think that you should care.

It’s like me putting others down because they are not into Sacred Geometry or wonder why they don’t spend more time sewing or reading….. Friendships are overrated.  I’m not part of “groupthink” and that “guilt/harassment” ship has sailed.

Live life SkyyHigh!!

🙅 Be Creative 🙆


👠 This is my 1st attempt at being creative this new year.  It was really quite frustrating.  I was to follow a tutorial on how to make a peplum dress but I didn’t have the Vogue pattern needed, so I used a pattern that I already have.  I had to adjust the pattern for my boobs.  Then I made two circle skirts and attached it to the bottom for the peplum effect.  The front looks OK but I had to cut the back to get it on.  I’ll try to fix it, but probably not today.  It’s already 2:00 and I want to read a little. 🙅

I just worked a minute on the back of the dress and I think that I might be able to fix it… all may not be lost!! Sewing really is just as rewarding as it is frustrating! I think that the more I just do it, the more it will because easier and the more my clothes will look professional.  The most important thing is to not give up by thinking it is too hard to learn, because it isn’t too hard.  Nothing is really too hard.👗

Today.. I went to Church.  I went to Grace Bible Church to see Marilyn Hickey.  I’ve watched her on T.V for years and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see her speak in person.  The Church was nice.  It is the first one I’ve step into in almost a year and a half and I was not disappointed.  I truly love God and I want to live a life for God. He has blessed me beyond anything I could think and I want to say “thank you”.


Month One 💝 ****Live in peace…. Believe I can….Be creative**** 💝

Well…New year, new goals

For my first month of Live, Believe, Be

Live in Peace: Re-reading Joyce Meyer’s “In Pursuit of Peace”
Believe: Read Jentezen Franklin’s “Believe that you can”

Be:  Be creative:  I am sewing up a Simplicity Dress.

I’ve decided that I need to focus on what brings me peace.  When I focus what makes me happy, I don’t have the time to care about the pettiness of others.  And I don’t have the time to focus on my faults.

So….. 💖 Month One  💖

****2014*****New Year, New Theme

Happy New Year!!  Another year, another entry. This blog has been with me since 2008 and although I may be the only one reading it…….It keeps me on track.  I’ve been able to “talk” through my issues and pen what’s going on in my head.   I’ve seen people come and go in my life, and writing about my feelings and actions gives me a chance to go back and adjust if needed. This is my personal (yet very public) space to air my inner conflicts and come to a point that I totally accept myself– flaws and all.

2014 is here! And as with a new book with fresh, clean, new pages…. I get to write in it what I want in it! So… If I want to lose weight, I can write that into 2014; If I want to cook more, I can write that into 2014. If I want to leave phony friends behind—- I can do that in 2014.

I changed my motto; as an attempt to move forward.  To let go of all of what I perceive to be harassments from grown folk that thinks it’s funny to continue harassing.  Whether that is their intent or if “it’s all in my mind” doesn’t really concern me.  I can move on and do my own thing.   Now if they pick up my new saying and start to throw it around– I’ll know that I had been correct all along. But it really doesn’t matter if I’m correct or not.  I will not waste time on games that others play.  I have a full life.  I have so many blessings and I will continue to be Skyy.  If I stumble and fall… I will get back up, brush myself off, and still be Skyy.  I will live life SkyyHigh– I will go as high as I want to go. Or as low as I want to go. I live in Truth.

Women don’t like me– because I present myself as someone that don’t need to follow what they are doing.  I don’t need to be the slimmest, I don’t need to have the cleanest home, I don’t need to be the best cook, or the most perfect wife.  I just need to be me. Call it conceded if you want—I’ve been called that– call it arrogant if you want—I’ve been called that— Call me not loyal; call me not trust worthy; call me anything that you want to….. that doesn’t matter!

What matters is what I call myself. What matters is what I think of myself….

2014 is here… I’ve moved away from the evils of 2008-2011 and I’ve moved away from the webs that the evils keep throwing out there at me.  I’ve moved away from the people who have picked up the harassment touch and I move on towards my goals…. my path… my life…

My morning started with a 2 mile run to mark my spot: 21 minutes!  It’s a starting point.  I continue to try to improve on my running and get back to the point that it relaxes me and I can run to work things out in my head. I would like to get back to a 9.5 minute mile; and hold that pace for 6 miles.  that is my goal.

**Happy 2014**
I am still doing my hotness program–

Mind, body, and soul.

I let go of people that come into my life to make me “feel bad” about myself- people whose aim to make me doubt my loyalty, commitment, and friendship skills— to bring in those who allow me, to be me.  Those who want to help me in my hotness program.

2014 is my time for me……. If it doesn’t benefit me; it isn’t for me. And I don’t want it my life.  If you aren’t in my life to enhance my existence, You will not stay in my life.