****2014*****New Year, New Theme

Happy New Year!!  Another year, another entry. This blog has been with me since 2008 and although I may be the only one reading it…….It keeps me on track.  I’ve been able to “talk” through my issues and pen what’s going on in my head.   I’ve seen people come and go in my life, and writing about my feelings and actions gives me a chance to go back and adjust if needed. This is my personal (yet very public) space to air my inner conflicts and come to a point that I totally accept myself– flaws and all.

2014 is here! And as with a new book with fresh, clean, new pages…. I get to write in it what I want in it! So… If I want to lose weight, I can write that into 2014; If I want to cook more, I can write that into 2014. If I want to leave phony friends behind—- I can do that in 2014.

I changed my motto; as an attempt to move forward.  To let go of all of what I perceive to be harassments from grown folk that thinks it’s funny to continue harassing.  Whether that is their intent or if “it’s all in my mind” doesn’t really concern me.  I can move on and do my own thing.   Now if they pick up my new saying and start to throw it around– I’ll know that I had been correct all along. But it really doesn’t matter if I’m correct or not.  I will not waste time on games that others play.  I have a full life.  I have so many blessings and I will continue to be Skyy.  If I stumble and fall… I will get back up, brush myself off, and still be Skyy.  I will live life SkyyHigh– I will go as high as I want to go. Or as low as I want to go. I live in Truth.

Women don’t like me– because I present myself as someone that don’t need to follow what they are doing.  I don’t need to be the slimmest, I don’t need to have the cleanest home, I don’t need to be the best cook, or the most perfect wife.  I just need to be me. Call it conceded if you want—I’ve been called that– call it arrogant if you want—I’ve been called that— Call me not loyal; call me not trust worthy; call me anything that you want to….. that doesn’t matter!

What matters is what I call myself. What matters is what I think of myself….

2014 is here… I’ve moved away from the evils of 2008-2011 and I’ve moved away from the webs that the evils keep throwing out there at me.  I’ve moved away from the people who have picked up the harassment touch and I move on towards my goals…. my path… my life…

My morning started with a 2 mile run to mark my spot: 21 minutes!  It’s a starting point.  I continue to try to improve on my running and get back to the point that it relaxes me and I can run to work things out in my head. I would like to get back to a 9.5 minute mile; and hold that pace for 6 miles.  that is my goal.

**Happy 2014**
I am still doing my hotness program–

Mind, body, and soul.

I let go of people that come into my life to make me “feel bad” about myself- people whose aim to make me doubt my loyalty, commitment, and friendship skills— to bring in those who allow me, to be me.  Those who want to help me in my hotness program.

2014 is my time for me……. If it doesn’t benefit me; it isn’t for me. And I don’t want it my life.  If you aren’t in my life to enhance my existence, You will not stay in my life.