🙅 Be Creative 🙆


👠 This is my 1st attempt at being creative this new year.  It was really quite frustrating.  I was to follow a tutorial on how to make a peplum dress but I didn’t have the Vogue pattern needed, so I used a pattern that I already have.  I had to adjust the pattern for my boobs.  Then I made two circle skirts and attached it to the bottom for the peplum effect.  The front looks OK but I had to cut the back to get it on.  I’ll try to fix it, but probably not today.  It’s already 2:00 and I want to read a little. 🙅

I just worked a minute on the back of the dress and I think that I might be able to fix it… all may not be lost!! Sewing really is just as rewarding as it is frustrating! I think that the more I just do it, the more it will because easier and the more my clothes will look professional.  The most important thing is to not give up by thinking it is too hard to learn, because it isn’t too hard.  Nothing is really too hard.👗

Today.. I went to Church.  I went to Grace Bible Church to see Marilyn Hickey.  I’ve watched her on T.V for years and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see her speak in person.  The Church was nice.  It is the first one I’ve step into in almost a year and a half and I was not disappointed.  I truly love God and I want to live a life for God. He has blessed me beyond anything I could think and I want to say “thank you”.