👠 Weekend project 👙

This weekend, I only had a short time to put something together.  I started on my January “Be” project 🎽I thought that it was going to be an easy task….. not so

It took me a while to figure out how to complete the neck and shoulder facing. I had to use my seem ripper four times before I finally had to go to youtube to see an example of what it is supposed to look like. the second picture is a re-design I completed with an already purchased gown.  I wanted to have a ballon effect on the bottom with tucks.  It turned out pretty well…. photo-13









Review of Simplicity 2929

Size cut:  16 (Had to do an adjustment in the Bust); added 2 inches using the pivot/slide method.

Difficulty rating:  For me this was on the average side.  I should have matched the white circles on the skirt; it had pockets (I inserted one pocket facing forward and one facing backwards); and neck and shoulder facing…… totally new to me.

Would I wear what I made: The court is still out on this one….

The top with the adjustment fits me well…. I think that the the neckline is too high for me because my bust is so large.  If I made this one again, I would add another inch in the bust area, I would add an additional 2 inches in the waist area; make sure that the pockets faced the same way; and make it a little shorter.

All-in- all… it was nice to complete one of my January goals….

😜 Life is good and God is Great!!!  Keep shining!