Pink Attack

This weekend… I decided to attempt to put together a pair of pants.  I decided to use a pattern for shorts and extend the length for the pants.  I got the idea from another member of the sewing group.  I selected McCall’s 6756 and extended it.  I cut it out larger than I needed so the fit could use some work.  I think that I am going to go back to drafting my own pant pattern to get a better fit.  My body style falls in-between  the commercial pattern sizes.  so I have to cut too large or too small then make adjustments. It may be easier to learn pattern making.


It was fun completing this piece and I feel that I’m getting better at it with each piece that I complete.  This one didn’t take me all day.


On the fitness front:  I will get up and run 4 miles in the morning (God willing).  I brought a new fitness program:  Katami 4X4.  After my run in the morning, I’ll do one of the DVDs.  My body type is soooo odd.  When I’m on track, I look and feel great… but if I don’t run for 3 days in a row, I start to feel sluggish and look bloated.  Or it may be the sugary drinks……  All is well in my world right now, and I truly believe that 2014 not only brought in new opportunities, but 2014 brought in peace.  I’ve been so peaceful lately and it’s all thanks to God.IMG_0542IMG_0539