Red Passion

Today’s projects.  I did a freestyle knit dress.  I used my favorite knit top and traced the outline onto a printed knit jersey material and free style drew the skirt portion of the dress.  I liked how it turned out. I will add the sleeves before I wear this out and about.

I cut out a sleeve, however, I didn’t cut correctly and will study sleeves before I cut one out for this dress.


the Red outfit has quickly become my favorite creation. I used the Lutterloh system ( The Golden Rule) from 1966 to create the top .Photo on 2-23-14 at 6.44 PM




The pattern was for a 1966 wedding dress. I used the top, then added an 80 inch waistband with tie to the side.

I cut a pair of pants to go with the top instead of the long skirt.  I’m still looking for the perfect pair of pants for me and I love how easy it is to sew up a pair.  this pair has elastic for the waist. Inputting a zipper would have taken a few more minutes. But I think that I’ve mastered inserting invisible zippers.  I’m still learning how to insert a zipper fly. I’m not sure which one I like the most.

Well… it’s back to work tomorrow. This has been the best time off I’ve had in a long while. I was not stressed or pressured. I totally enjoyed the break away. And I feel refreshed. I feel ready to face the world once again.  I have a feeling that I am about to make a move.  and I am OK with it. I really am OK with it. whatever happens, happens.  I know what is important and I truly want to live in Peace and Truth.

God has blessed me with many blessings and for that I am grateful. But beyond that, I am thankful that God cares for me and has placed a circle of protection around me and my family and my life.

Today’s meditation was John 3:16… Thank you Jesus.

Fitness Files

So… I’ve been really slacking these last few weeks on my fitness plan.

So… for the next 30 days…









I’m going to try Turbo Fire! I really like Taebo and TurboJam and I believe that Turbo Fire will be a combination of the two. I will continue with the running and add one day of Kettle bells training.

No before pics… hopefully, in 30 days… I’ll have great after pics….


Photo on 2-21-14 at 11.11 AM #2

2014 truly has come in with Peace! This trend has been going on since the beginning of the year and I really never knew that I could live in so much peace. It truly feels good to be able to go after my dreams and support myself. It seems that those who supports me are sticking by me and it gives me the opportunity to see the non-supporters fall by the waste side. I believe that the first step into this peaceful existence was to clean up my Facebook page. I started to converse more in the individual groups that I am a member of. This gave me the opportunity to “type” with people who shares the same passions that i share.
Whether it is fitness related; sewing related; reading related; or Knowledge related, I am able to express myself– it is an outlet.

There is no competition between the members and everyone responds in a positive way.
I’ve also learned to block and ignore the members that are not so positive. If I “feel” even the slighted that someone’s intention is to disrupt the peace that I’ve found… I ignore and block. There are bullies everywhere and people out there that sends negativity. I no longer want to be the person that sends negative and I don’t have to be around negative.
That goes for the people in my day to day life. I will not put myself into a situation where I “feel” that I am being mocked or used as a doormat. I will leave the situation and regroup

Everyone has the right to life. and the right to live the life that they want. People should be blessings to others not blocks.

Project 2-21-14_0
This is my second self-drafted top. I am truly having fun creating clothes that I can say that I’ve made myself. I still learning about construction and fit and will continue to make clothes that make me feel comfortable. Negative people will always have something to say about me, but that is alright. I’m doing what I do. And I am enjoying it!!

God is good and I am so thankful for His many blessings.
Living life SkyyHigh,

Camouflage jumper








I put together this outfit this morning before the family woke up!  It was the fastest thing that I’ve ever made and I’m so happy with it! I followed a video on Youtube.  I used 2 yards of 60in fabric.  folded it in half two times. I used a tight fitting tee-shirt to cut the top portion. then right above the waist line, I cut straight out to the edge then straight down the side. At the bottom, I cut a small triangle on the outer edge and a larger triangle on the folded side.  I opened it, then sewed the crotch area.  That was pretty much it.  I may do another one is a different type material

I’m also playing with pattern drafting.  I have a new 1/2 scale dress form that will adjust to my half measurements and use to draft my own patterns.  I liked how my first self-drafted top came out and the satisfaction I felt after drawing out the pattern then sewing it up. This is the fun part.


New self drafted top(white top).  I started with my bodice sloper and practiced on a 1/4 scale block with moving the bust darts.


I just used cheap, inexpensive material to cut out each version of my pattern to make adjustments.  It took three tries to get the proper amount of ease for the top portion.  I’m happy now that I am able to draft the correct size for me.  I will continue to practice with darts. Once I’ve mastered this area, I am going to move on to adding volume to the material.


20140218_203731I have always known that I like to create clothing. I had just hidden this passion for a long while.  The

I have to write about something that is on my mind… that’s not sewing related.
more that I keep  to myself and follow my dreams, I am brought to a place that I can explore my true passions.

When others get on my nerves,  I have to remember that it really isn’t the “person” getting on my nerves.  It is really the spirit behind that person.  If I maintain a heart for God, I will consistantly be surrounded by others that do not have a heart for God.

I left a fitness website because of the market techniques that certain members were doing to get sales from others.  I called a few of them out.  This was easily over a year ago.  Well…. one of the people that felt convicted by my telling others about the manipulation technique has followed me to one of the sewing groups that I am in and continued the harassment.  All I do is block them and go on.

What I don’t understand is why anyone would want to harass anyone else.  What inside someone to have them what to make someone else feel bad or good or anything?? I don’t understand why others just don’t live their lives and let others live their lives.

but I’ve learned to move on.  I will not be like by everyone. and that is OK.   I will continue doing what I do. I will continue to love people and I will definitely continue to love God and seek Him and only Him.

Anna’s Safari

I’m focusing on creating leggings for Anna to run around in. It doesn’t take very long to put together and It will give her something more comfortable to go to daycare in than jeans.
When I start to show her how to sew, I will let her make leggings for her doll.


Today, I drafted a skirt/short outfit for Anna. I cut up an old pair that she had and enlarged it. She hasn’t seen it yet and I hope that she will be excited to receive it. If anything, I can make her a boat load of these to send her to daycare in.  I won’t have to worry about her running around in a skirt and showing her undies.

skirt with built in shorts
skirt with built in shorts


Gray Jumpsuit

This one was really a joy to make!

I had an inspiration picture that I was trying to duplicate and didn’t know where to start.  I had a pattern for a jumpsuit that I created a few years back and pulled out that pattern to try my hand at this one.  The difference with this one, there is added fullness in the top with a circular yoke, no elastic at that top, and a zipper in the back.

I played around with quarter size paper patterns trying to get the hang of the yoke and the gathers in the bodice. Once I was comfortable with manipulating the bodice block, I created the pattern then compared it to the pattern I used a few years back.

I’m getting more and more comfortable with cutting material. I will keep at it.

20140212_194502 20140212_194855-1

This is the outfit made in 2010…..


Yellow fever

The project of the weekend….. the redo of the peplum top. This time, I had the Vogue 8815 pattern.  I did a few adjustments…..still have to work the bust area– but this time, I moved the bust point down 1 inch and to the left .5 inch.  I shorten it a little and you can see it is still out of place. The fabric is Wal-Mart fabric, so I’m using it as a muslin before I cut it out in a heavier material. I do like how it came out.

It’s really a top to be worn with leggings.  I just posed without the leggings to be cute.

20140209_181218-1 20140209_181409-1

There is a blogger that I’m blown out of the water with. She is a heavier lady, but she embraces all her curves! And creates the most beautiful clothes.

I wonder what it would take to get to were I’m comfortable in my own skin and embrace all of my curves.  I’m starting to for sure…..

I will sew this again, with a different type of material (not linen)… to see how the pattern adjustments will look perfected.

As far as my Bible Study is going… I’m reading John and Revelations.  Working my way backwards…..

God is good… Be Blessed.

👏Be inspired👏

I challenged myself to learn how to make this green skirt…
My inspiration was a skirt sent to me by one of the ladies in the DIVA group

🍀 I didn’t have a pattern to start with, so I created my own. I cut a half circle skirt to my measurements- 1 piece for the front; 2 pieces for the back because I wanted to include a zipper.

I added Toile in-between the skirt and lining. All-in-all, I am happy with the first go around with this skirt.

1899300_10151972322877879_979064922_o 1172256_10151972322762879_1788931027_o

I’m equally happy with myself! I truly believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to….No matter what the intent behind the request, I am happy with the results.

I will try this one again!

Be Blessed.

Fitting re-work

I attempted my Polish pattern once again…  This time…. bodice is slightly too big!!  I am determined to draft the correct top for me.  It’s a little harder than I thought, but it will not master me!! So, I will re-draft this once again and take in the bodice area and replace the bust dart.  I took in the side by 2 inches, I may need to take it in .5 inch on both sides. I think that one more go around will be it.

20140201_163642 20140201_163639

I also spent some time re-drafting my shorts pattern.

Once I get the proper fit, I will use that pattern to draft my Palazzo Pants!

20140201_105434 This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve drafted the shorts.  This pair will have the zipper in the front. I like this type better than the shorts with the zipper on the hip.  I’ll probably add a waist band to the top to make it high waisted.

I am ready a very interesting book this week: It’s a young adult book…. but it has lots of things that I’m currently researching.  A movie version is coming out in March. I hope to be complete will all three books in the series by then.