New self drafted top(white top).  I started with my bodice sloper and practiced on a 1/4 scale block with moving the bust darts.


I just used cheap, inexpensive material to cut out each version of my pattern to make adjustments.  It took three tries to get the proper amount of ease for the top portion.  I’m happy now that I am able to draft the correct size for me.  I will continue to practice with darts. Once I’ve mastered this area, I am going to move on to adding volume to the material.


20140218_203731I have always known that I like to create clothing. I had just hidden this passion for a long while.  The

I have to write about something that is on my mind… that’s not sewing related.
more that I keep  to myself and follow my dreams, I am brought to a place that I can explore my true passions.

When others get on my nerves,  I have to remember that it really isn’t the “person” getting on my nerves.  It is really the spirit behind that person.  If I maintain a heart for God, I will consistantly be surrounded by others that do not have a heart for God.

I left a fitness website because of the market techniques that certain members were doing to get sales from others.  I called a few of them out.  This was easily over a year ago.  Well…. one of the people that felt convicted by my telling others about the manipulation technique has followed me to one of the sewing groups that I am in and continued the harassment.  All I do is block them and go on.

What I don’t understand is why anyone would want to harass anyone else.  What inside someone to have them what to make someone else feel bad or good or anything?? I don’t understand why others just don’t live their lives and let others live their lives.

but I’ve learned to move on.  I will not be like by everyone. and that is OK.   I will continue doing what I do. I will continue to love people and I will definitely continue to love God and seek Him and only Him.