Camouflage jumper








I put together this outfit this morning before the family woke up!  It was the fastest thing that I’ve ever made and I’m so happy with it! I followed a video on Youtube.  I used 2 yards of 60in fabric.  folded it in half two times. I used a tight fitting tee-shirt to cut the top portion. then right above the waist line, I cut straight out to the edge then straight down the side. At the bottom, I cut a small triangle on the outer edge and a larger triangle on the folded side.  I opened it, then sewed the crotch area.  That was pretty much it.  I may do another one is a different type material

I’m also playing with pattern drafting.  I have a new 1/2 scale dress form that will adjust to my half measurements and use to draft my own patterns.  I liked how my first self-drafted top came out and the satisfaction I felt after drawing out the pattern then sewing it up. This is the fun part.