Photo on 2-21-14 at 11.11 AM #2

2014 truly has come in with Peace! This trend has been going on since the beginning of the year and I really never knew that I could live in so much peace. It truly feels good to be able to go after my dreams and support myself. It seems that those who supports me are sticking by me and it gives me the opportunity to see the non-supporters fall by the waste side. I believe that the first step into this peaceful existence was to clean up my Facebook page. I started to converse more in the individual groups that I am a member of. This gave me the opportunity to “type” with people who shares the same passions that i share.
Whether it is fitness related; sewing related; reading related; or Knowledge related, I am able to express myself– it is an outlet.

There is no competition between the members and everyone responds in a positive way.
I’ve also learned to block and ignore the members that are not so positive. If I “feel” even the slighted that someone’s intention is to disrupt the peace that I’ve found… I ignore and block. There are bullies everywhere and people out there that sends negativity. I no longer want to be the person that sends negative and I don’t have to be around negative.
That goes for the people in my day to day life. I will not put myself into a situation where I “feel” that I am being mocked or used as a doormat. I will leave the situation and regroup

Everyone has the right to life. and the right to live the life that they want. People should be blessings to others not blocks.

Project 2-21-14_0
This is my second self-drafted top. I am truly having fun creating clothes that I can say that I’ve made myself. I still learning about construction and fit and will continue to make clothes that make me feel comfortable. Negative people will always have something to say about me, but that is alright. I’m doing what I do. And I am enjoying it!!

God is good and I am so thankful for His many blessings.
Living life SkyyHigh,