Red Passion

Today’s projects.  I did a freestyle knit dress.  I used my favorite knit top and traced the outline onto a printed knit jersey material and free style drew the skirt portion of the dress.  I liked how it turned out. I will add the sleeves before I wear this out and about.

I cut out a sleeve, however, I didn’t cut correctly and will study sleeves before I cut one out for this dress.


the Red outfit has quickly become my favorite creation. I used the Lutterloh system ( The Golden Rule) from 1966 to create the top .Photo on 2-23-14 at 6.44 PM




The pattern was for a 1966 wedding dress. I used the top, then added an 80 inch waistband with tie to the side.

I cut a pair of pants to go with the top instead of the long skirt.  I’m still looking for the perfect pair of pants for me and I love how easy it is to sew up a pair.  this pair has elastic for the waist. Inputting a zipper would have taken a few more minutes. But I think that I’ve mastered inserting invisible zippers.  I’m still learning how to insert a zipper fly. I’m not sure which one I like the most.

Well… it’s back to work tomorrow. This has been the best time off I’ve had in a long while. I was not stressed or pressured. I totally enjoyed the break away. And I feel refreshed. I feel ready to face the world once again.  I have a feeling that I am about to make a move.  and I am OK with it. I really am OK with it. whatever happens, happens.  I know what is important and I truly want to live in Peace and Truth.

God has blessed me with many blessings and for that I am grateful. But beyond that, I am thankful that God cares for me and has placed a circle of protection around me and my family and my life.

Today’s meditation was John 3:16… Thank you Jesus.