Demons at it again

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Well…. Seems like the Demons are at it again!! It never fails to amaze me how others  always want to disrupt a blessing. I’m getting so tired of always fighting to be treated with respect…. and I will continue to fight. Everyone deserves to have respect.  My boss went behind my back to ask for me to be reassigned to another job.  It was bound to happen….. he wants someone that he worked with in the past who is probably more personable. Who probably would get along with all of the civilian workers there.  How do I “feel” about it?  I don’t.  I have come to understand that in this world… I am not particularly liked. Most people get on my nerves and I would rather sit in a room full of books that have to listen to most people silly conversations.

I am who I am.. and I’ve yet to meet  someone that I could truly count on ….to be…. for me.  And I’ve learned to count on me. I’ll just continue to keep moving forward.

I would say that I can honestly say that I’ve done nothing to warrant my bosses desire to replace me.  In the last two weeks, he has been very moody and I know that he was looking to any straw to say that I wasn’t doing what I should be doing.  I’m told to back up a co-worker when that co-worker was absent, yet when I spend the week doing the co-worker’s work, I’m treated like I did no work at all.  That’s OK too…. because if you have to dig for things that I’m not doing, then I must be doing something good.

Every time I’ve excelled at a particular task, my role was changed.  It was as if my co-workers didn’t want me to advance too high…because how would it look, someone coming in not knowing budget at all and learn the job and is proficient in that job within 2 years….. GS12s are supposed to be experts, it wouldn’t look good with someone can come in and learn what they do, and in time do a better job.  I understand that they are protecting their jobs…. but from who?? I don’t want their jobs. I want respect.

Maybe it is time to move on.

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Weekend Projects



This weekend I am again working on base pieces. I’ve cut out a purple top and a green dress. I wanted to complete a few more pieces, however, I’ll continue to work on getting the perfect fit. I’m realizing that really all of the designs are the same patterns repeated. I need to learn how to add fullness. More later

Beautiful Day!!

Today has been such a beautiful day! Anna had a little parade at her daycare and it brought tears to my eyes to see her growing so strong and fast! She is clearly the tallest child in her class! I can’t believe how time flys! More later with pics.

On tap for sewing this week— shorts

Drafting Exercise


This weekend project is dedicated to Pattern Play. I have a vintage pattern from 1974 that I want to copy.


The pattern came cut in a size 8

(32/34 inch bust) which I do not have! So I had to re-draft the pattern pieces to fit me.

Working with a half size pattern block, I started my pattern play to get the amount of fullness needed to have gathers under the yoke and tucks at the waist


I then created a new pattern block with the required fullness and cut out the fabric from a scrap piece from an old project.


I liked the final half scaled outcome.  I had cut the yoke to close to the collar bone and didn’t include the shoulder.  When I do the 2nd attempt, I will make the adjustments before sewing the actual dress.

It is nice to have a half scale model to work with.  I can make all of my mistakes on the that model before moving to full size.

The half scale wasn’t the only sewing that I got into this weekend!  I completed a self-drafted pair of pants!  I re-drafted the brown Vogue Pants from 2 weekends ago and added some ease (so that it wouldn’t be so tight) and I loved how they come out!  It may just be my favorite pair of pants.  Now I will recreate the pattern to make the pants in different types of fabrics!


God Bless! Will return to talk fitness later.

Weekend projects

This weekend was a busy one! I completed 4 outfits.
I actually started prepping during the week so that all I had to complete on Saturday.. was to sew the cut pieces together.


Pretty much self-drafted the bodice and long skirt using the scraps of the purple fabric. I was playing around with shaping and pinned until I got the effect that I was looking for.
I’ve been playing with fitting and pattern making to help me to understand body measurements and proportions. Learning these will help me to select the proper styles that will enhance my unique features.
It really didn’t take too long to sew the pieces together. As always, the hardest part is to draft the pattern piece to my measurements. I then just play with the shaping.

20140316_131958 All in all.. I’m happy with this weekends projects!! Now on to cooking.. and trying out new things in the kitchen.

Brown Hues

This weekend’s projects.  I chose to follow a Vogue Pattern V8679 to trace the pants. I’m truly looking for palazzo pants, but this was the closes that I could find in my pile of patterns.  I truly getting better at fitting… maybe too good LOL. I could go up a little in the pants for then next time around.  Actually putting the pieces together didn’t take too long.  It took longer re-drafting the pattern before cutting the fabric.

The top for the vogue pattern was 3 sizes too small, so I made a practice top with adjustments.  It didn’t come out quite right, so I redrafted using my standard bodice top front and back.  This seemed to work better for me.
1617419_10152031411952879_1225367013_o 1836799_10152031412132879_974189966_o 1980110_10152031411837879_254410600_o 10003567_10152031412317879_123451906_o

On to something from work…. People… I still don’t understand why people try to use guilt to control. I think that it is so funny. I almost fell for it again… but NOT!! LOL..
I’m truly learning how to love myself. And to understand others. To just accept others for who they are and notice when others are trying to get me to do, feel, or think something that I don’t. I will continue to stay away from people who play mind games.

Life without Negativity

I found this saying on Facebook and I totally agree!  My life has been so much more peaceful when I let go of the negativity within me and I started to respond less to negative people.  Every time I “feel” myself going back down that negativity road… I stop and turn around.   I am not perfect and I don’t expect others to be perfect either.  I just am. I strive to be better and I realize that it isn’t just my issue…. Lots of people have issues as well… I’m just trying to get along with others the best way that I can… And I’ve come to realize that spending time with my family and doing things that I love is what it’s all about.  Peace!

I’ve never been a “people person” and I doubt that I will change now.

Thanks be to God that He loves me and I am beginning to see myself as the Bible says and walk focused on my walk with God.  I’ve had many blocks in my life…. some I’ve created… some created by others…. and I just keep keeping on.

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Today ends my annual month of sadness: at the loss of my first daughter.  It begins the first day in February and ends the second day in March.  The day of the procedure. 8 years today that dream died… but the memory lives on. This period always ends with a little tears, a little prayer, and a lot of thankfulness for the birth of Annissa. It leads me to once again focus on the love of God, who fulfilled a hearts desire… 3 years and 2 days from the day I had lost hope.  But I will always remember that small, glimmer of hope, that faded 2 Mar 2006.

Weekend projects

One pattern; two looks
One pattern; two looks

20140301_201858 20140301_202259






One Pattern—- three looks!!  I completed another top today!

Today’s project took about 1 hour to put together!

This is a free pattern that I downloaded from the internet. I put my measurements into the website and a pattern in just my size was emailed to me. It was perfect!

The flower shirt was a repurposed top from a top and shirt that I brought from the thrift store. I had decided that I wasn’t going to wear the garment again, so I cut it up and used the pattern to create the top.  I really like this pattern and I will play around with it a little to make different tops.  I’m loving this new obsession….

Weekly devotion:

This week I’ve been reading the Book of John in the Bible.  i wanted to read about Jesus’ interaction with the different people in this book. I really wanted to know why Nathaniel had the reaction to Jesus that he had.

I think that Jesus spoke directly to Nathaniel’s heart.  The same way that Jesus spoke to Nicodemus’ heart and to the woman at the well’s heart.  When Jesus said to Nicodemus “you must be born again”…. what was in Nicodemus’ heart?  the fear of dying? Was he doubting his religion within his heart. was he afraid that although he was living the law that he somehow he missed the mark?  Jesus spoke directly to that fear (whatever it was). And Jesus met him right there.

Just like he does with us today…. He meets us right at our need….