Weekend projects

One pattern; two looks
One pattern; two looks

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One Pattern—- three looks!!  I completed another top today!

Today’s project took about 1 hour to put together!

This is a free pattern that I downloaded from the internet. I put my measurements into the website and a pattern in just my size was emailed to me. It was perfect!

The flower shirt was a repurposed top from a top and shirt that I brought from the thrift store. I had decided that I wasn’t going to wear the garment again, so I cut it up and used the pattern to create the top.  I really like this pattern and I will play around with it a little to make different tops.  I’m loving this new obsession….

Weekly devotion:

This week I’ve been reading the Book of John in the Bible.  i wanted to read about Jesus’ interaction with the different people in this book. I really wanted to know why Nathaniel had the reaction to Jesus that he had.

I think that Jesus spoke directly to Nathaniel’s heart.  The same way that Jesus spoke to Nicodemus’ heart and to the woman at the well’s heart.  When Jesus said to Nicodemus “you must be born again”…. what was in Nicodemus’ heart?  the fear of dying? Was he doubting his religion within his heart. was he afraid that although he was living the law that he somehow he missed the mark?  Jesus spoke directly to that fear (whatever it was). And Jesus met him right there.

Just like he does with us today…. He meets us right at our need….