Life without Negativity

I found this saying on Facebook and I totally agree!  My life has been so much more peaceful when I let go of the negativity within me and I started to respond less to negative people.  Every time I “feel” myself going back down that negativity road… I stop and turn around.   I am not perfect and I don’t expect others to be perfect either.  I just am. I strive to be better and I realize that it isn’t just my issue…. Lots of people have issues as well… I’m just trying to get along with others the best way that I can… And I’ve come to realize that spending time with my family and doing things that I love is what it’s all about.  Peace!

I’ve never been a “people person” and I doubt that I will change now.

Thanks be to God that He loves me and I am beginning to see myself as the Bible says and walk focused on my walk with God.  I’ve had many blocks in my life…. some I’ve created… some created by others…. and I just keep keeping on.

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Today ends my annual month of sadness: at the loss of my first daughter.  It begins the first day in February and ends the second day in March.  The day of the procedure. 8 years today that dream died… but the memory lives on. This period always ends with a little tears, a little prayer, and a lot of thankfulness for the birth of Annissa. It leads me to once again focus on the love of God, who fulfilled a hearts desire… 3 years and 2 days from the day I had lost hope.  But I will always remember that small, glimmer of hope, that faded 2 Mar 2006.