Brown Hues

This weekend’s projects.  I chose to follow a Vogue Pattern V8679 to trace the pants. I’m truly looking for palazzo pants, but this was the closes that I could find in my pile of patterns.  I truly getting better at fitting… maybe too good LOL. I could go up a little in the pants for then next time around.  Actually putting the pieces together didn’t take too long.  It took longer re-drafting the pattern before cutting the fabric.

The top for the vogue pattern was 3 sizes too small, so I made a practice top with adjustments.  It didn’t come out quite right, so I redrafted using my standard bodice top front and back.  This seemed to work better for me.
1617419_10152031411952879_1225367013_o 1836799_10152031412132879_974189966_o 1980110_10152031411837879_254410600_o 10003567_10152031412317879_123451906_o

On to something from work…. People… I still don’t understand why people try to use guilt to control. I think that it is so funny. I almost fell for it again… but NOT!! LOL..
I’m truly learning how to love myself. And to understand others. To just accept others for who they are and notice when others are trying to get me to do, feel, or think something that I don’t. I will continue to stay away from people who play mind games.