Weekend projects

This weekend was a busy one! I completed 4 outfits.
I actually started prepping during the week so that all I had to complete on Saturday.. was to sew the cut pieces together.


Pretty much self-drafted the bodice and long skirt using the scraps of the purple fabric. I was playing around with shaping and pinned until I got the effect that I was looking for.
I’ve been playing with fitting and pattern making to help me to understand body measurements and proportions. Learning these will help me to select the proper styles that will enhance my unique features.
It really didn’t take too long to sew the pieces together. As always, the hardest part is to draft the pattern piece to my measurements. I then just play with the shaping.

20140316_131958 All in all.. I’m happy with this weekends projects!! Now on to cooking.. and trying out new things in the kitchen.