Drafting Exercise


This weekend project is dedicated to Pattern Play. I have a vintage pattern from 1974 that I want to copy.


The pattern came cut in a size 8

(32/34 inch bust) which I do not have! So I had to re-draft the pattern pieces to fit me.

Working with a half size pattern block, I started my pattern play to get the amount of fullness needed to have gathers under the yoke and tucks at the waist


I then created a new pattern block with the required fullness and cut out the fabric from a scrap piece from an old project.


I liked the final half scaled outcome.  I had cut the yoke to close to the collar bone and didn’t include the shoulder.  When I do the 2nd attempt, I will make the adjustments before sewing the actual dress.

It is nice to have a half scale model to work with.  I can make all of my mistakes on the that model before moving to full size.

The half scale wasn’t the only sewing that I got into this weekend!  I completed a self-drafted pair of pants!  I re-drafted the brown Vogue Pants from 2 weekends ago and added some ease (so that it wouldn’t be so tight) and I loved how they come out!  It may just be my favorite pair of pants.  Now I will recreate the pattern to make the pants in different types of fabrics!


God Bless! Will return to talk fitness later.