Demons at it again

Photo on 3-23-14 at 10.38 AM

Well…. Seems like the Demons are at it again!! It never fails to amaze me how others  always want to disrupt a blessing. I’m getting so tired of always fighting to be treated with respect…. and I will continue to fight. Everyone deserves to have respect.  My boss went behind my back to ask for me to be reassigned to another job.  It was bound to happen….. he wants someone that he worked with in the past who is probably more personable. Who probably would get along with all of the civilian workers there.  How do I “feel” about it?  I don’t.  I have come to understand that in this world… I am not particularly liked. Most people get on my nerves and I would rather sit in a room full of books that have to listen to most people silly conversations.

I am who I am.. and I’ve yet to meet  someone that I could truly count on ….to be…. for me.  And I’ve learned to count on me. I’ll just continue to keep moving forward.

I would say that I can honestly say that I’ve done nothing to warrant my bosses desire to replace me.  In the last two weeks, he has been very moody and I know that he was looking to any straw to say that I wasn’t doing what I should be doing.  I’m told to back up a co-worker when that co-worker was absent, yet when I spend the week doing the co-worker’s work, I’m treated like I did no work at all.  That’s OK too…. because if you have to dig for things that I’m not doing, then I must be doing something good.

Every time I’ve excelled at a particular task, my role was changed.  It was as if my co-workers didn’t want me to advance too high…because how would it look, someone coming in not knowing budget at all and learn the job and is proficient in that job within 2 years….. GS12s are supposed to be experts, it wouldn’t look good with someone can come in and learn what they do, and in time do a better job.  I understand that they are protecting their jobs…. but from who?? I don’t want their jobs. I want respect.

Maybe it is time to move on.

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