Soylent Experiment

Do we really have to eat?

Yes, eating is enjoyable and I guess that the chewing of food brings some comfort. But do we really need to eat food to live?  For the last 2 weeks– off and on, I’ve been doing an experiment of sorts. It’s my Soylent Experiment.  I’ve made my own batch of the wonderful mixture and started 3 day blocks of only Soylent intake.  Did I die? Did I feel like I wanted to die?  NO-NO-NO on the contrary, I feel revived! I did 3 rounds of 3 days each and lost a good 10 lbs! all of this WITHOUT “feeling” hungry.  I still got on my treadmill to do a few miles each week, without any lost in energy levels.  Why did I do it?

Because I could…. I wanted to see if it was possible to survive on a Soylent only existance with no detriment to my health–mentally, emotionally, or physically.

People at work asks about it… hubby is not trying it!  Wouldn’t it be great if we are no longer controlled by out stomachs– What would life be without our god being our stomach?