Lesson from a milk cup

isn’t it true!!!

Believe it * Live it * Be it!

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Just like lessons.

The scene:  It’s breakfast time and the toddler wants a bowl of cereal.  So you pour the cereal into the bowl and then pour the milk into the bowl.  Then you put the milk back into the fridge.  You leave the room for 30 seconds.  In that time, the toddler had decided to help herself to more milk and goes into the fridge and grabs the milk carton.  You walk into the room just in time to stop the toddler from spilling the carton of milk onto the table. You’ve just by-passed a big mess.  You’ve just saved yourself from crying over that spilled milk. You feel good.  You leave the room.  Not less than 2 minutes pass and you hear….. “Mom….I just spilled some milk.”  You return to the room to find the toddler had tried to pour the left over…

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