Fitness Files

New updated fitness schedule.

I haven’t really been focused on my fitness in the last few months. Knees aching from walking up and down my stairs at home have motivated me into coming up with a new fitness schedule.  One that is not too grueling for having not worked out in 7 months.  Since I am still recovering from the foot surgery, I will keep it light.  No more than 2 mile runs and elliptical or Spinning.

Sunday:  2 mile walk/run

Monday: Elliptical 30 min

Tuesday:  2 mile walk/run

Wednesday: Spinning 20 min

Thursday:  2 mile walk/run

Friday:  Rest

Saturday: 2 mile walk/run; 20 min elliptical

Sunday: Rest

This schedule should give me enough time to get my foot back into the game.  I am also starting my soylent again.   I have the desire to really try and see this through.  The Soylent gives me enough nutrients to get through the day and I will feel more healthy. Time is moving along and I’m just trying to keep busy.

Pattern making

I’ve tried various pattern making methods;

The Check Block Method from India
The Lutterloh System from Germany
The Pattern Drafter from Australia
The Point and Pivot Pattern ruler
The Bonfit Patterner
The Sure Fit

Each of these methods has pros and cons. But my newest purchase, the Sure Fit design, is by far my favorite. It was so easy drafting the bodice sloper and the pants sloper. I was able to draft the pants sloper in less than 20 minutes. The Pants fit perfectly! With the sloper, I have been able to sew one sleep pants, one sleep shorts and a pair of pants that I can wear outside. I really like this method. All of the other methods are not bad either. I was just determined to find the easiest pattern maker.
I started with drafting the pattern using my body measurements and the Alfred method, but there seem to be so many different ways to get the initial sloper, that I abandoned that method for something quicker.

With me gaining all of this weight, I am happy that I can just whip up some nice fitting yoga pants to run around in.

Distraction is still working.


New Year 2015

Well… first post in 2015. There are a few things that I am continuing into this new year. I’m still on track with learning to play the piano. I’ve decided to learn it both ways. The way that Brandon suggested; learn cords first; and the traditional way. I’m able to play a little but I really want to learn to read the music so that I can play anything in the easy books/fake books.
I’m continuing to sew. In fact I am working on a blouse right now. I decided to follow the sewing instructions that came with the pattern to practice finishing a blouse, then I’ll do it again without the pattern. I took a break from the blouse and made a summer dress! I’m getting quicker and quicker making patterns that fit me, now I need to learn design to change it up from just basic pieces.
On the languages, I still want to learn French and Greek. I have the Rosetta Stones so I’ll just keep moving forward.
I guess that I will continue to use distraction as a coping tool until I truly feel the love and peace that I felt before I lost my baby boy. Time is moving right along. In 4 months, it will be one year since he left. I too will continue to move forward.
Photo on 11-19-13 at 6.16 PM #2