Fitness Files

New updated fitness schedule.

I haven’t really been focused on my fitness in the last few months. Knees aching from walking up and down my stairs at home have motivated me into coming up with a new fitness schedule.  One that is not too grueling for having not worked out in 7 months.  Since I am still recovering from the foot surgery, I will keep it light.  No more than 2 mile runs and elliptical or Spinning.

Sunday:  2 mile walk/run

Monday: Elliptical 30 min

Tuesday:  2 mile walk/run

Wednesday: Spinning 20 min

Thursday:  2 mile walk/run

Friday:  Rest

Saturday: 2 mile walk/run; 20 min elliptical

Sunday: Rest

This schedule should give me enough time to get my foot back into the game.  I am also starting my soylent again.   I have the desire to really try and see this through.  The Soylent gives me enough nutrients to get through the day and I will feel more healthy. Time is moving along and I’m just trying to keep busy.