No Judgement

Well… I was going through all my many books and was having some kind of feelings—like I should be totally physically fit, if you go off of how many fitness books I own.  I should be the best home sewer I know, if you go off of how many sewing books that I own. I should be an expert at the keyboard by now, if you go off of how many learning the keyboard books that I own.

So I was feeling like a jack of all trades and a master of nothing.  When I told my hubby what was on my mind, he made me realized my distorted thinking.  He helped me change the negative thought pattern by saying:

“That’s like saying a librarian should be a genius”.

And you know, he’s right.  I’m so hard on myself! I expect to be the best at everything and that is not realistic.  I have to stop being so hard on myself and move at my own pace. I need to rest in what I do know about sewing; I can create a pattern, then sew up an easy garment. I know how to get back into shape after my surgery by doing interval training and steady state workouts. As far as the keyboard, I’m still learning music theory and learning cords on the side.  I need to rejoice in what I am doing and not expect to be an expert in all things.

This, to me, is living without Judgement…….