Grief is like a wave.  One minute, I am balanced.  All seems well, the world doesn’t look as dark and lonely. Tomorrow’s seem manageable. Then, like the tides, sadness sets in again and I have to swim towards the light.

That is what my is now.  I’ve returned to church and that gives me comfort. I’ve changed jobs and that has given me comfort. My surrounding is beautiful and my family is wonderful. I still feel a big hole. I am very thankful that I have my family around to give support. I know that I couldn’t find a sense of peace if I didn’t have them.

I try to not ask “why” and move on. It’s the moving on that is so heartbreaking.  But the memories are oh so wonderful.  He was such a wonderful person. A light. And that light still shines.  Sometimes it is just so hard to see it. Some days, I am blinded by it. I miss him.