Caring too much

Life is hard when you care too much.

Life is hard when you feel too much.

Others know how kind your heart is and they take advantage of that kindness.

Then sees that Kindness as weakness.

Giving youself to others who only want to take what they can get from you is heartbreaking.

The trick in life is to stop.. Stop feeing guilty for the blessings that you have.  Stop feeling sorry for others that do not have.

Because in reality, they have. They would just rather  just spend your money than spend their own.

It seems that in with world.  People do not care if they are taking advantage of others as long as they get what they want.

Ask yourself, who is there for you?  If you needed something from someone else, would they be there for you?  More liklely than not, they have other things to do.  You have concern for others, yet the others have no concern for you.

It’s a trip.

It is OK to say NO.  It is OK to enjoy your blessings.  It is OK to not care.

You are not a bad person if you put yourself first.

You deserve to be kind to yourself.  You do not have to take others problems on as your own.

Believe me, they don’t care that much about you.