A Letter no one wants to receive


This is so sad!!!

If you listen closely, It sounds as if it’s his suicide letter.
Part I
Verse I- His reason for committing suicide:
i won’t see you
I won’t miss you
I won’t live for you
You’re not my future
You’re not my soulmate
I will no longer hear
I will no longer feel
Verse II- He no longer has to live in lies:
Lie 2: “I don’t regret the day I left” – Day he killed himself
Lie 3: “I don’t believe that I was blessed”- Life is a blessing
“I’m probably lying to myself again”
Lie 1: She loves me
Part II – Contemplating Suicide:
-He is the stranger in his bed because he doesn’t know who he is without her.
-He is looking for other things to find love/hope in
-He concludes that only she can fill him
Part III — Cry for help
“I want to tell all my friends. But I don’t think they would understand”
  • he wants help but he doesn’t want anyone to change his mind
“It’s something I’ve decided”
Part IV – direct letter to lover
-“I’ve been drinking. I’ve been doing things I shouldn’t do”
He’s telling her that he’s lost. He is trying to find the happiness that he could not find within himself—outside of himself. He tells her of his drinking, but refuses to tell her of the “things he should’t do” in order to protect her from hurt. Even though he, himself is hurting.
“I don’t know who I am without you”
Since he doesn’t know who he is—he can only go off of what others think he is:
“I’m a liar and a cheat. I let my ego swallow me”
It may be the words he heard from his lover. And he believes them.
And that is why he chose to die.
Part V – He dies
His last thoughts are:
“I couldn’t make you love me”
“I couldn’t make you love me”