Bridgerton Garden Scene

I have a theory about the Garden Scene:
hear me out.
What do you think?
Bridgerton on Netflix is Hot right now. But I think that it is hotter than we really know.
A lot of conversation may have been lost in translation (or on the cutting floor of the production).
I read that there were more sex scenes in the show that had been cut from the final production. Simon was to be a “rake” yet the show doesn’t show him being a “rake”. The conversations imply that the was “raking”.
What if— every time he was “late” to an even, he was out “raking”? The viewers wouldn’t know this because it was lost on the cutting block. 1st hint– before the promenade — His partner asks him “why so early?” he frustratedly tells her about the promenade. He rakes whenever something emotionally affects him. Assuming that he late when he rakes– when he and Daphne are standing in front of the picture what she says makes more sense. All the other pictures he donated were great, but this one is intimate. (all the other women his is with is great (physically)– but with her it could be intimate.) When leaving the art show, he goes straight home (he wants intimate). He let’s her go after Lady Dansbury talk because he knew the he was leading her on. He didn’t lie in his break up speech because he never saw her as a friend– just someone who kept the gossips focused on their “fake relationship” and off of his activities as a rake. When next he sees her, he is shocked! She is descending towards the Prince. in a virginal (yet seductive) manner as if to say– here I’m giving my virginity. (since it’s 1813– through marriage). Simon saw her. not as a bride– but sexually. When she dropped her fan- it was a message to the Duke- He was mad and walked out. Simon looks at that picture and thinks about the intimacy that Daphne was talking about and wants to stop her from making a mistake. Going back to the garden scene. Simon is doing to her, what she did to him. Daphne is focused on marriage and family and Simon is awakening her to Passion. She tells him not to question her because she didn’t question his desire to rake around. She had to figure it out for herself. “I’m going to marry a prince– he’s a good guy– he knows what he wants– he will be a good father” Simon says “will you be happy? Is he the man for you?” She will not listen and storms off. Since you won’t listen– let me show you— he kisses her. She understands. She kisses him back. They are caught.
Tell me I’m wrong.