Bridgerton— Sex Scenes not making the cut

This is my  theory about the sex scenes that did not make the final cut.

I have long believed that although Simon’s stutter was a major reason that his father rejected him, the results of his childhood  trauma led to darker behaviors. and that these darker behaviors was also one of the reasons that Simon did not want to get married.

I know that the book is different, but this is my theory about the series version.
The series showed similar story lines of the major characters with story lines of the minor characters: example,
  1. Marina’s deception towards Colin/Simon’s deception with Daphne
  2. Simon kissing Daphne in the garden(ruining her)/ Colin refusing to kiss Marina(preserving her honor.)
  1. Marina drama about the baby/Daphne’s sadness about not being pregnant
Lord Featherington had a gambling addiction
I theorize that Simon had a sex addiction.
  1. His habit of arriving late was often after he had an emotion trigger.
  2. His clothes was in disarray when he showed up.
  3. If his clothes was not in disarray, he was adjusting his clothes (at Will’s last boxing match- he was adjusting his gloves)
Insight from other Characters:
  1. Anthony not thinking Simon was decent
  2. Anthony’s reference to their shared activities at school
  3. Anthony telling Violet that even if Simon was looking for a wife, Simon should be no where near Daphne.
  4. Will’s reaction when Simon told him that Daphne was to marry. Will stated “You are free to do as you please” – Hanging out late instead of attending Balls with Daphne.
  5. Anthony saying to Simon “you confound me, you’re respectful yet you have no intention to marry” referring to Simon hanging around Daphne without being a rake with her.
  6. Daphne’s comment on the terrace “You are a rake, you are not a rake” eluding to his behavior with other women compared to his behavior with her.
  7. Daphne asking Simon who he came to say goodbye to. (there must have been someone else in the Ball that he could have said goodbye to).
  8. Simon’s admission during the breakup scene that Anthony was correct about him- He was a rake and will always be a rake.
  9. Simon telling Daphne that she was a connivence, a diversion  — I believe that Lady Whistledown was writing about his exploits. Jeffries eluded to it when he opened Simon’s curtains. Because Whistledown was writing about their “relationship” she was diverted and was no longer writing about his activities.
  10. Daphne telling her mother that SHE had decided to separate from Simon.
  11. Daphne telling Simon “I love all of you, even the parts that you feel are too dark and too shameful”
  12. Simon telling Daphne “I don’t know how to be the man you need me to be. I don’t know how to do this”
  13. Daphne telling him “Stay and we work though this together”
  14. Simon telling Anthony that they would stay in London, just the two of them.
Once it came out that sex scenes were cut, It made me think that this was supposed to be darker than it ended up. Probably because people would not relate to Simon if they saw him with multiple partners. And it we are in quarantine and needed something light and romantic.